Aris Budianto, Rosihan Ariyuana, Asti Amalina Puspitaningrum
Publication year: 2018

There is a gap in the learning process of Computer Network in Informatics Education, Sebelas Maret University between Students from High School and Vocational High School. Some students with high school backgrounds do not have the basic concepts of Computer Networking, while students from SMK are already at a much more advanced stage. To bridge the thing then one solution that can be implemented is e-learning that offers independent learning system. E-learning developed will provide complete material, practice and video tutorials. In these research, unlike E-Learning that is the same (flat) for each user, E-Learning will be developed equipped with Machine Learning Naïve Bayes method. Machine Learning will help the learning process with a one-to-one approach, where the system will have the ability to detect the ability of students using E-Learning. The system adapts the material and exercises according to the user’s ability in the independent learning process. In this development, it is still at the functional testing stage with the Blackbox method by the developer. Based on the testing conducted by the researcher, it resulted that all functions in the Value Processing Information System were running well. With a step-by-step tutorial and a different approach in the learning process, each student is expected to be able to improve students’ understanding of Computer Network courses in PTIK, FKIP, UNS.