Endar Suprih Wihidayat, Yuniati Dwi Utami, Aris Budianto
Publication year: 2018


It is common cases when students need a remedial learning process because they do not meet the learning achievement standards. The remedial process requires time and effort for both teacher and student. Some teachers prefer to lets their student doing self-directed learning. The teacher gives the material and direction in the classroom, then the students learn off-class. The face-to-face process is again conducted to evaluate the students’ achievements. This learning method called with the flipped-class learning method. The method needs learning media that are appropriate for the self-directed learning process. This study aimed to develop a mobile application that can be used as self-directed learning media. Learn Arabic Language App (LALA) was developed by adopting the learning process in regular face-to-face class which is listening, understanding words/sentences meaning and writing in Arabic. LALA was tested for its usability (ease of use) to 16 students of a 4th-grade elementary school. The testing results show that LALA is very easy to use tool for self-directed learning. From the LALA development process, it is known the potential of mobile applications and game elements that can be designed and developed for self-directed learning